Card Terms

Normal Terms

card terms

  • Draw – the drawing of lots to determine the player who walks first.
  • The draw is a token that represents a certain amount of money.
  • Fat – Cards that have no value in points. In the Railway it is King, Lady, Jack, 10. In Quart Bezik, it’s an ace and 9.
  • Shelob’s whist (in the Preference) – in the case of remissions, the guest whist does not write on it. If two players whist at the remise, but all the bribes went to one player, the second player, along with the surrendering player writes down the consolation.
  • Acorn or Acorn is an outdated name for the suit of clubs.
  • Voracious is an outdated name for a suit card.
  • Acorn is the outdated name of the suit card. Used in the XVIII century.
  • Bug (in Poker) – A joker that is used as an ace or free card to form a flush, street or junior hand.